How far will you ride for a Moonburger?

So a couple years ago I was invited to a Moonshine lunch run for a Moonburger.  But as thing turned out I couldn’t make it.   This year I planned a head and made sure that date was available.

What the heck is a Moonburger?

A Moonburger is a delicious hamburger made at the Moonshine Inn, in Moonshine, IL (population of 2).   It’s open Monday through Saturday from 5:30am to 12:30pm.   At 12:30pm she (Helen) shuts off the grill.   If you haven’t gotten your burger by then you are as they say SOL.   You can still get a cold cut sandwich if you’d like.

What’s the Moonshine run?

This was the 5th annual Moonshine Lunch run, and my first.  It started 5 years ago and 30 people came.   Now it’s a big deal.  Well over 800 people were there this year.   All through word of mouth and the internet.

We rode to Moonshine, or actually into Casey, IL Friday morning.   There was a lunch ride on Friday but we didn’t get there early enough to participate.  We did however participate in the Friday night Dinner at Richards Farm Restaurant.  Which coincidentally was a bonus location for the Cape Fear Rally.

I highly recommend that you eat there if given the opportunity.

We stayed the night at some flea bag hotel (the Budget Host Inn) in Greenup to be exact.   Which as flea bags go was OK, and nobody was complaining at a $45/night rate. 

Our original plan was to stay Friday night, ride to get a MoonBurger, ride some more.   Stay for the Chili dinner on Saturday and leave on Sunday.   Bad, bad weather was predicted for Sunday so we bailed after the MoonBurger.

Still a great weekend ride.   Not far, not long, but a good ride.   Next year we’ll make it part of a 1000 mile loop so we can claim we rode a 1000 miles for a Moonburger.  🙂

It was plenty packed:

From Moonshine Run

If you’re gonna ride this far, you might as well get (2)  🙂

More photos at the link above.

Till Next Year.

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  1. Please send me the expected date for 2011 and I and a few of my friends will try and make plans to get there from Minnesota, if it’s not snowing…Thanks, John

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