FJR Crash Bars a good investment.

So I’m just riding to work minding my own business. I’m about a mile away, three turns left to negotiate.

A left, a right, then a left into the parking lot. I go through this intersection every day and yes it always looks like hell.

But this time it has an extra special coating of something oil like which I don’t see until after I try to stand up and just about bust my a$$.

I was going maybe 15-20, the road leading to it is 45MPH and I didn’t have to wait for the light and there was no one in front of me.

I go to turn left and *bam*

Next thing I know I’m sliding across the pavement, uttering a few obscenities.

Luckily there was an ambulance sitting at the light. They guys jumped out helped me pick up the bike. They offered to call it in, but I declined. Nobody hurt but my FJR and my pride.

All I recall is hitting my head, it happened that fast. Helmet’s good, jacket is good, gloves (check). I was wearing jeans, and if I hadn’t had the benefit of what ever was lubricating the street, I’d be rashed a bit. There’s no real rash, it’s more like a rug burn.

The turn:

From FJR Crashbar Test

(notice the scrape marks from my bike)

From FJR Crashbar Test

Now for the Feej, Standard left side low-side damage:

From FJR Crashbar Test
From FJR Crashbar Test
From FJR Crashbar Test

I only had the fronts installed, the rears are too fugly for me, and the ones I have don’t have peg mounts for the passenger pegs.

Though my left side is starting to get a little sore.


The mirror took a hit but is still intact. I already have a replacement though 🙂 

I’ll just need a bag… and a new left side crashbar, some new gear and I’ll be ready to go.

Clearly the crashbar saved my stator cover (already dinged up from a parking lot drop) and my left side fairing. That more than covers the cost of the bars.

Higher res images are here:

3 Replies to “FJR Crash Bars a good investment.”

  1. I do agree that the rear crash bars are ugly. But, I bet they would have saved the bags. I am planning on buying the front bars, but wish someone with some welding skills and some artistic ideas could make something that would blend or add a look of edge or angles insted of the crappy round bar the have.

    Glad to hear your ok. I’ve been down twice, and never felt like giving it up.

  2. Have you seen the rear crash bars on i like your fronts better then theirs though. Where did you get those?

    If its just Road rash, is good for the soul.

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