Euchre Tourney

The annual Hawk Euchre Tourney was a success.  At least for the Dishers.

Claudine nabbed 2nd (and $70).   I finished just out of the money, but did get to split the high-hand pot (net another $50).

I left my camera at Kris and Angies so there aren’t any photos to post.   Company was good, food even better. 

Vic was successful at finishing in the money (3 way tie for 3rd) so he recouped his entry fees and a little more.  Kim, not so much.  She had a rough night.  Vic also made some new friends.  He should probably watch his back though, I think Dawn might take out a hit on him 🙂

And …

I made it through the evening without chew, which was a major win!.

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