Thank You Bengals

For years and years I’ve had a standing bet with a buddy of mine that the Bengals wouldn’t win 8 games. I was a Bengals fan, but I could still see them for what they are, despite all the hype. For the most part that’s been a very profitable bet for me.  2005 not withstanding and which by all accounts appears to be a fluke.

This year however I made a different bet with another buddy, a die hard Bengals fan.

When the Bengals jumped out of the gate with thier awesome 0 – 2 start, I bet a buddy they wouldn’t win 5 games.

Specifically the bet was: 

[09/17/2008 11:24:49 AM] Matt Disher: Yes, if they win 5 or more of the remaining 14 (end up with a record of 5-11 or better), then dinner at All-You-Can-Eat-Meat is on me. (Wine not included)… 4-12 or worse and it’s on you.

What’s the Bengals record?  4-11-1

That’s equivalent to 4.5 games.

Which as my buddy points out is Not 5-11 or better, but is also not 4-12 or worse.

So it’s a tweener, and the bet is therefore nullified.

Again, thanks Bengals.

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