My love affair with local seo services and cheap host: http://www.webhostingbuzz.com/ is quickly coming to an end.

When I initially started using them I had some pretty signficant up-time issues.   They agreed to move me to a different server.  The same one that a buddy of mine is using for his blog that has worked out well.   During my outages, his site was always still up.

Then out of the blue, on Christmas Eve no less, they decided to move me.

Since I control the dns of all my domains externaly (not with them) all my stuff broke.

If you want:

  • A webhost that will move your stuff without notifying you.
  • A webhost that will let you chat online with pre-sales support but not post sales support.
  • 12 hour ticket turn around, only to have to go through everything again to get your stuff fixed.

Use: http://www.webhostingbuzz.com/

All of this is exacerbated of course by the fact that my broadband is non-existant, so that already puts me in a bad mood.

Granted the hosting is somewhat cheap, but it should be a little more reliable than it’s been.  Especially when my recent issue was self inflicted by them.  A little notice would have been nice.   For the price of hosting, I somewhat expect an issue per-year.  But they are running well above that now.

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