Cafe Steamers: General TSO Spicy Chicken

Cafe Steamers so far are my favorite heat and eat meal.  The General TSO chicken is right up there with the rest.

You don’t get a lot of chicken, but the portion size is similar to the rest.  It’s not immediately spicy but does have a bit of a kick after the fact.

If you like General TSO Chicken then you’ll probably like this.   It cooks fast too, 4 minutes as opposed to 5-6 for most other meals.


Would definitely eat again.

Cafe Steamers (General TSO Spicy Chicken

Category Rating
(1-10) with 10 being the best.
Portion Size 7 Overall a decent portion size, though not a lot of chicken, this serving had 4 whole pieces.
Portability 8 Fits easily in a small soft sided thermal lunch box.  You still have room for snacks and what-not.
Cookability 10 The time indicated on the box is spot on, in the different microwaves I’ve used.  Very Consistent
Preparation 9 Drop dead simple to cook, open the box, put it in the Microwave.  No poking, or slicing.  When done peel of the top, dump the food into the sauce and eat.  Comes with it’s own bowl* 
Food Quality
9 Actually better than expected.
Over ALL Score 43 out of a possible 50 isn’t too bad.

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