Don’t got game? Then don’t act like it.

There is one girl on Molly’s team… (actually there were two but one moved and/or quit).

My wife would kill me if I posted her name.   She runs her mouth like she’s got game.  She struts around like she’s got game, when in fact she’s quite horrible.  No, she’s beyond horrible.   Not retarded, on the wrong team horrible, just absolutely no skills horrible.

She’s one of the older more “experienced” girls too.  She tries the run the show, but couldn’t identify a position to save her life.  She calls balls that are no where near her, then looks befuddled when it doesn’t come near her and she doesn’t get to play it.  She misses *most* of the balls near her that are playable.

She had a brake away today.   Her; one-on-one just outside the box with the goalie.  What did she do?  Some spin around move thing and lost the ball for no reason.  Really all she needed to do was shoot.

She’s rarely in position.  She’ll run from the front line back to take a goal kick.   I guess someone told her she was good at that or something.  Her goal kick past half field percentage is like .02%.  She generally boots it right up the middle to the other team.   I really don’t understand why her coach hasn’t choked her by now.

I feel for the coach, he doesn’t have anywhere to hide her.  She’s even worse at goalie, though he’s tried to put her there.

Nobody is perfect, I get that.   There are other girls on the team that struggle at times too.  One who I’m convinced needs glasses.   But she doesn’t try to do everything.  She generally plays her position.   Molly isn’t a saint either, but she’s generally there and makes the play 4 out of 5 times.

This one person though, really, really makes it tough to watch the games.

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