Healthy Choice Beef Pot Roast

The specimen today is Healthy Choice Beef Pot Roast (Meal)

These Healthy Choice meals tend to be pretty good.  This one isn’t any different.  Cook-ability and the burning of the desert remains an issue with these meals.  Other than that, they are good to go.


Healthy Choice – Beef Pot Roast

Category Rating
(1-10) with 10 being the best.
Portion Size 8 Overall a decent portion size.  But could be a little better.
Portability 9 Fits fairly well in a small soft sided thermal lunch box.  You still have room for snacks and what-not.  Nice and compact.
Cookability 8 The time indicated on the box is spot on.  2 Minutes to soup.
Preparation 8 Peel cover over this, slice over that…  Pfft, again the desert was cooked to a burnt rubbery crisp.
Food Quality
8 I realize taste is subjective, but these meals are generally pretty good.
Over ALL Score 41 out of a possible 50 isn’t too bad.

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