The Bengals are dead to me.

And I was so looking forward to another 8-8 (more likely 7-9) 2008 season.

Today they Bengals re-signed the king of thugs, Chris Henry

Why?  I have no idea.   He’s already suspended for the first four games.  I don’t care if TJ or Chad is hurt.  I really don’t.  This is silly. 

Paul Daugherty is 100% right.

“It’s hypocritical, fraudulent and lacks integrity.”

It only proves the following:

  • Mike Brown is an idiot.  Paul Brown is turning in his grave.  While we’ve certainly suspected this for a long time, it’s now a fact.
  • Marvin has absolutely no control, and is a pathological liar. Early this week when the rumors were swirling he said; “Not Interested”.  Marvin’s flat out lied to the press and fans in the past so this really clears it up.   I do leave room for the fact that he personally has no interest, but this only clarifies that he’s powerless.

I highly suspect that he’ll be arrested for something by the 5th game so it won’t really matter.  No other teams were interested or he’d be playing for someone else by now. 

Now who to root for and support this year?  That is the question.

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