The tale of the non-surge protector.

So a colleague brought up the fact that if I had a good surge protector (and I believed that I did) that it probably has replacement insurance with it.

He once had Belkin replace a TV because their surge protector failed.

Which really got me excited.   During the recent DVR troubleshooting, I recovered my surge protector that looks just like this TripLite:


TripLite provides $75,000 of coverage with this unit.

Only that’s not my unit.  It’s some knock off no-name brand made over in Asia. I looked it up by UL listing number and it’s not really a surge protector at all.  At least it doesn’t have a UL listing as one.   It says surge on it, but no company name, no web site.  Nothing good.

So this looks like a dead end and a hard lesson learned.

The TV isn’t super special, though it wasn’t cheap by my standards.  I can certainly get something better for the same amount of dollars these days.

I’m half tempted to take the risk to repair it.  It doesn’t look like these are very repairable, but there is a site online with parts.  So we may go there.

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