7 Days and Counting

The trip is getting closer, right around the corner actually.  We leave next Monday the 14th at 0-Dark Thirty.

Bike is ready, though I need to double check everything and I’ll pack this weekend.

Whilst on my trip I’m going to do everything I can to avoid work.  I will be ‘connected’ when I can be to update this blog mostly and journal the trip.

Technology that’s traveling with me:


I’m taking a super small HP 2133 sub notebook.  Space is critical and I thought this would fit the bill just fine.  It’s loaded with Vista and I have to say I’m very under-whelmed with both performance and battery life, even with the BIG battery.  But it beats nothing I suppose.   It’s wifi equipped and I’ll be taking my CrackBerry with Verizon coverage and tether-ability.

I’ll also be using the iPhone (current generation) as my primary communications device.

To give you a sense of just how small this thing is, or just how large my D830 is, here’s a shot of both of them with the iPhone as a frame of reference:

IMG_0018   Yeah, it’s tiny.

I’m in the process now of loading up all the prerequisite software which includes but is not limited too:  MapSource with 2009NT maps, Streets and Trips, and other utilities.

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