Riding in the rain.

My daily commute is only 20 miles, which for me is really just a tad too short to get fully dressed for the weather.   As such I tend to commute on only the nicer of days.   Gas prices being what they are have made me start reconsidering that a bit.

Most people think riding in the rain on a motorcycle is uncomfortable and/or more dangerous.  I suppose it can be more dangerous but it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable.

In fact, I somewhat enjoy riding in the rain if I’m properly equipped.  I’ll ride in most weather conditions with the exception of snow and ice if I can avoid it.

I have heated gear, an electric jacket liner and gloves for cold weather.  This also helps keep your core warm on those chilly 50 degree rainy days like yesterday.  I also have a nice pair of water proof riding boots.

Preparation is key.

Yesterday when I left for work the weather forecast looked like this:


What I failed to account for was the call for rain in the latter half of the day.

I had on a jacket that’s normally water proof, and always have rain gear with me.  What I didn’t have where water proof gloves or my boots on.

Merrells like these:


Aren’t the best shoes for riding to begin with, but for my short commute I usually just let it go.  Let me tell you; they completely suck in the rain.

By the time I ran my errands and got home in the 50 rain, I was all but frozen from the cold hands and cold feet.  Did I mention that the controls for my heated liner were in my tank bag, which was at home?  It wasn’t one what I’d consider one of the fun times on the motorcycle but it was memorable.

Yeah, I think I’ll double check that forecast next time.

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