Mowtown USA, getting the mower ready.

It’s that time of the year again.  Time to break the mower out of storage and get ready to mow some grass.

This post serves two purposes. 

  1. It gives me an online place to put all the stuff I need to remember about our mower so this time next year I don’t have to go hunting for make/model numbers.

    We have a 61″ BobCat (Ransom) Zero Turn Commercial Mower.  This isn’t your mamma’s mower.   It’s now 7 years old and still cuts like the day we bought it new for nearly $8k.  Of course it’s gone through a number of sets of blades, etc.  It looks a little rougher than it used too, the seat could use some work, but it still runs great.

    For historical purposes here’s the info I wish to save:

  2. Engine: 23HP Kawasaki FH680V Twin
    Engine Spec# BS08
    Oil Filter: (21334-1) 49065-2078
    Oil Capacity 1.9L (4.0 pt)
    Spark Plug: BPR5ES
    Pre Cleaner 11013-7009 // Air Filter 11013-7010

  3. Now that that’s out of the way.  Each year I change the oil, put in new plugs and treat her to a new set of blades.   I purchase all of this stuff from Back when I was cutting commercially and went through 3 sets of blades a year I’d buy them here.  I do sharpen them myself, but for $8 a blade for standard blades you can’t hardly beat that.  It takes me a good hour or so to sharpen and balance a set.  If one’s bent your kind of hosed.   So replacing them is the easy choice.

So if you need parts, I highly recommend them.  They’d beat the locals (with shipping) by $5 a blade or more on Gator Blades.   This year I’m going out on a limb and trying the new Super Hard, Gator Brand Mulcher Fusion Lawnmower Blade.  It’s supposed to last 200% longer, etc.   We wear them out, we hit rocks, sticks and toys so we’ll see.

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