It’s a new day at

Well sort of, more like it’s a new HOST at

In light of things happening around me I’ve decided it’s time to move It’s now placed with a recommended 3rd party host. So far I like it. The transition was simple enough because I already hosted my own DNS. (Although in the process I have migrated that back to GoDaddy because it relieves me of the burden of keeping another box up too.

So far everything still works. is still on the old box and is currently broken and I’m in a quandary as to what to do with these. Newer stuff is in the Google/Picassa gallery but it isn’t really easy to organize.

There is almost a gig of photos in the old gallery and to be honest I’m not really looking forward to the process of re-uploading them and re-organizing them anywhere. It’s going to be a very time consuming process.

Please do let me if you run into something that’s horribly broken. eMail me or leave a comment.

Additionally is probably going away. I haven’t really decided yet what to do with that but I think it’s run it’s course. I may just start fresh with newer forum software and see where things go.

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