Out you demons of stupidity!


I’m struggling, really struggling, but I suspect by the end of the day I’ll simply need to fire the Bengals.

Ineptitude seems to be contagious in Bengaldom.

Edit (Update): WOW! After the game Coach Marvin Lewis (and I use the term Coach lightly) said:

“In hindsight, we should have gone for it on fourth down rather than take the points.”

Yet, today, one day after the fact, he backpedaled.

“I still feel we’re going to possess the ball three more times, by taking the points,” Lewis said. “We have an opportunity to stop them, get the ball back before halftime then have the ball coming out in the third quarter. So I’m probably going to still kick the field goal at that point with where we were in the game. It was a good yard that way. I have to go with how I’m getting information. We weren’t sure, we had a little bit of rundown on the play clock because they didn’t get the ball spotted exactly right away. If you look at the tape, once I called timeout, it was a little bit further. But again, I have to go with what is there. It’s easy to look back on it now, particularly after they score a touchdown, and think that makes a difference. … It was important to get points.”

Damn son, where’s your conviction? NFL Coaches aren’t paid millions of dollars to waffle on their decisions.

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  1. Remember the Sundays of not dawning a jersey, doing stuff around the house, checking the occasional 4 o’clock score, a la the 1990’s? Well they’re back. It’s the same old bungals and I’m not letting them ruin my weekend no more.

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