FJR EOM Routes (Eastern Owners Meet)

I didn’t produce these routes, the fine folks putting on this shin-dig get all the credit.

The thread with info about these routes is [here]

I’ve posted them here for convenience sake…

I have stuffed all of the .GPX routes into one Mapsource .GDB file here: ALL EOM-07 Routes in one GDB File.
(I have pushed these routes, through this file to my Zumo, then from the menu, chose ‘User Data’, Routes, select them, import, and it works nicely. I cannot comment on how well this will work or not work for any other device.)

For those folks who are GPS impaired, I’ve bundled up the Adobe PDF text directions for all routes and put them here:
All EOM_Text_Directions in one handy .zip file.

This should include all the latest changes that have been blessed by Heidi. If not, then they’ll be updated again.

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