Ah, the first grass cutting of the year.

It’s usually a special time, getting the mower ready, always finding something wrong, taking the time to fix said issue, then getting it done.

Yesterday was that day.

Surprisingly enough, the mower was good to go, no flat tires to plug, the gas stabilizer did it’s job and what not, it started first crank.

2 and half hours or romping around on the mower and the grass is mowed. The kids did a great job picking up all the sticks and branches that had fallen. We now have a half a dozen good size piles.

The mower of course needs new blades as it does every year but we typically wait until after a few cuts cause you never know what you’re going to run into or over.

IMG 2861

IMG 2862

Maria spent most of the evening riding her scooter.

IMG 2860

Even after she crashed and burned this weekend, it hasn’t slowed her down a bit.

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