Clutter, getting rid of it.

Well it’s time, time to de-clutter the Disher household. We started last night with the office closet.

I think I inherited the ‘keep it cause you never know when your gonna need it’ from my grandfather. The amount of stuff he had was unbelievable. His basement was comparable to most hardware stores. In fact he bought out a hardware store that was going out of business, as well as had some sort of arrangement with a some guys at a fastener company and he’d often raid their ‘trash’ for packages of nuts and bolts that were fine but weren’t packaged properly.

Yeah, I’m sure that’s where I got it.

Last night we unpacked and cleared out the office closet. It was amazing. Now consider that this closet is roughly 3 feet by 10 feet, but it was fully packed.

Packed with stuff that I in the past I just couldn’t bear to part with.

No less than 3 different sets of cordless phones we’ve used over the years. 3 complete vintage laptop systems, including an original Wall Street G3, and two old Sony’s. Not worth much on ebay, no, but still over the years I didn’t toss them, I just packed them away because “You never know”. I bet all in all we tossed $20k worth of electronics at their original retail price back in the day. Simply amazing.

I had 2 US Robotics Currier v.everything modems from a bulletin board I ran many, many years ago. 3 different ISDN modems/router combos from when we first moved in and ISDN was all we could get. 3Com and a vintage lucent, which in the day was the ISDN router to have.

Boxes of floppy disks from the FPS 1.0 days with GolfTrac on them (400 of them), plus another hundred or so packed away in Jewel cases ready for shipment.

Media, CD media, tons of applications and programs well over 12 years old. Stuff dating back to the late 80’s and early 90’s.

I should have taken pictures.

Believe it or not, we bagged up well over 15 large garbage bags full of stuff, and that’s just a start. We probably need to rent a dumpster to clean out the basement and the barn. If nothing else, it’s proof we know how to pack and get the most out of our storage space.

Our garbage folks are not going to be happy with us.

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