Winter Sucks!

So we’ve had a pretty mild winter, than all of a sudden, out of no-where it dumps about 6 inches on us.

That we could handle. It wasn’t that bad since it was the soft light snow. The kind you can move around with a leaf blower, which I did. Cleared a path around both cars in the driveway and to the house. No big deal.

Then using the Excursion and the power of 4 wheel drive I flattened out the driveway, the driveway to the barn and half way back to the house. All good.

Then the last two days, it’s rained, sleeted, snowed, frozen rain, all of that good stuff to dump oh about another 6 inches. (Of course we sold that snow blower).

Now with the wind that we get, we have some pretty deep drifts. Our driveway is completely covered and it’s almost deep enough to bottom out the little car. In fact it got nice and stuck this morning.

So I hunkered down in the office to work from home, which was mostly successful. Claudine and the girls decided they’d dig the little car out. Kudos to them, they did a great job. 😉

O.K. Winter you can go away now, I’m done with you.

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