Attic Part 2 of ???

Alright, so yea, we started this Attic project back in uhm March/April.

We framed out the supports for the mighty fine pine 4×8 tongue and groove pattern 166 siding.

All summer long something else has been happening, like the barn, or finding a horse, or getting a new motorcycle. Always something!

This weekend I found some time to get up there and make some progress. It’s coming together nicely. No I have no idea yet what I’m going to do with the skylights. 🙁 But I’ll work something out. Having a complete plan is never a prerequisite, nor is it usually possible with this old house. You’re going to run into something any way.

Larger images in the Gallery here.

Yesterday I battled the Paslode. My favorite TOOL in the world. It jammed up and until I broke down and read the directions, was nearly impossible to un-jam. But if you simply follow the directions, it’s a piece of cake. So that’s one jam in about 2000 nails when you consider it was used quite a bit on the barn too.

See: Attic Part 1 off ??? & Progress in the Attic, as well as: Home Depot and Customer Service

With some luck we’ll wrap up the north side in the next couple weeks. (Hey! It’s possible 😉 )

We’re going to come up short on the siding because it sat outside in the driveway too long and even though we had it covered well (or so we thought) a significant portion of the wood is now stained from water damage. However, if we decide to paint it as opposed to stain it we should be alright.

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