Bengals 7-5 smother the Raisins

What an excellent game! Broadcast locally in HighDef even 😉

If Jonathan Joseph could catch a football the Bengals would have slaughtered them.

The worst D in the league steps it up and plays 7 straight quarters of shut-out D. Again if Jonthan Joseph could catch, they’d have 2 back to back shut-outs.

Still, a HUGE win! Huge for the schedule and things to come.

Next week look for Baltimore to lose to KC, and the Bengals to beat the Raiders. that will put them only one game behind Baltimore, with still a long road to hoe.

If the Bengals D is up to the task, the end of this year could be very very good. Perhaps the Bengals are peaking at the right time like Pittsburgh did last year. 😉

I don’t however see them going *bust* next year like the Steelers and Big Jen.

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