This time of year just blows.

We’ve turned back the clocks, and while I used to appreciate the extra hour of sleep, now that I’m older I also recognize that the kids just gained an extra hour before bed time.

I mean, 9pm or 10pm rolls around and I’m tired, because it’s really 10pm or 11pm, or was. At 8pm which used to be 9pm, I’m ready to send the kids to bed or at least start the process which takes an hour, sometimes two. But they look at the clock and say, no way, it’s only 8pm.

It’s now dark a whole lot sooner after I get off work.

The weather, It is sunny one day, cold the next, cold and rainy the day after that, then mildly warm again, then who knows after that?

Do we really need Winter? I mean if it is going to get cold, just get cold. This in between stuff isn’t any good.

Yeah, this time of year is no good.

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