06 FJR, and it’s mine all mine.

OK, so I’ve wanted one of these for a while, and today was that day.

Yamaha has two bikes that dealers don’t stock and this is one of them. You’re supposed to pre-order them. But some dealers have figured it out. You order one in a sales persons name and it doesn’t sit there very long.

As much as I have loved the ZX-11, its has some issues recently that have made it un-safe. I can continue to throw money at it and maybe get it fixed. But it’s frustration was getting old. The bike itself is almost 10 years old. Now there’s nothing wrong with 10 year old bikes, don’t get me wrong. Zed has lots of life left in him. But dog on it. It was time.

Enter the FJR. Pic’s in it’s own little Gallery here.

It is yet un-named but aint it pretty? 🙂 I’m a happy pup right now, yes sir.

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