Air conditioner woes.

It’s Murphy, has to be. When we moved into this old farm house it didn’t take long for things to start crapping out. First the water heater, I think that took like a week, then the dishwasher, eventually the furnace, the well pump, you name it we’ve replaced it.

We’ve been here 7 years.

We replaced the furnace because, well, I can’t exactly remember the reason, but I don’t remember the air conditioner being the primary reason but maybe it was. I seem to recall the furnace was actually what started it all but I could be wrong. In any event, we put in a brand spankin new Oil furnace and an over sized air conditioner because, well, we didn’t want to have to do it again for a long, long time.

We did get off somewhat cheap because our neighbor is a Sr. HVAC guy who works on very high end stuff. He also does residential stuff on the side for friends and family. Why? I really don’t know because he doesn’t charge enough.

In any event, the new system worked wonderfully for about 6 months. The first summer we replaced it, and the following winter. The next Summer we it didn’t take long before the AC went out, and it went out big, It burnt the leads right off of the compressor. The HVAC guy had never seen anything like this, and thought for sure they would replace the compressor. But they didn’t. They actually had a kit to fix it. This should have been our first clue I suppose of things to come.

Over the next year or two, we’ve struggled with things with this furnace and HVAC system. Goofy stuff too. Stuff that has just burned up, not much longer the following winter to be (or maybe the next I can’t remember) our furnace was non-responsive. We opened it up to find all the electronics. Well the controller, there really aren’t any electronics to speak of, burnt to a crisp. We were actually pretty lucky. It was all contained in the furnace.

This too was replaced and fixed under warranty but it still doesn’t work right. They don’t make this model anymore and they keep sending parts but the fan controller just doesn’t control the fan right.

Well this week the AC went out again. Sure enough, the leads to the compressor have burned up again. Nice.

This time they are replacing the entire compressor. Anyone willing to bet how long this one will last?

I used to think we had some funky electrical issues. Heck, I used to know we did. This old farm house had a very special 100 amp panel with 80am service pushed into it. But we had the service changed over recently and it’s all clean and up to code standards now. So that can’t be it.

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