1st annual Ridem don’t Hidem

Wow it’s taken until June 10th before I finally got out for a decent ride.

Dad and I took of early to head to Winchester for a Vintage motorcycle “Ride-em Don’t Hide-em” get together.

The weather pretty much blew. When I got up at 6:30am it was pouring down rain here in Trenton. The weather radar didn’t look any better either but we could see that it wasn’t raining where we were going (about a hundred miles south) so we geared up and headed south.

It rained on us pretty much all the way there but when we got to Paris, KY it stopped and we had a good time in Winchester. Had Lunch with Gar, saw some neat old bikes, rode some good twisty roads, got lost, and headed back towards Cynthiana on the route that we had chosen.

About 2pm I noticed Dad’s lights weren’t working properly. He had brake lights but no turn signals or running lights. He also had no head light. We stopped to check that out. It was worse I guess than expected. Even his electric windshield wasn’t working.

It was intermittent when I was riding behind him. So we decided to call it a day and head home.

Again we hit rain about 70 miles from home.

It was still a good day. ~320 miles give or take. Hopefully Dad’s electrical issues are simple. He just had new shocks put on front and back and something’s just loose.

Zed ran pretty well but it’s still too lean at idle.


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