Molly and Level 5

We got our letter today and Molly will be moving up to Level 5.

We’re pretty dag-gum proud of her.

She’s also going off to a week of Gymnastics camp at Camp Woodward in Pennsylvania. Looks like a pretty cool place.

This is a pretty big deal for her. We’re excited, and she is pretty fired up. She hasn’t been away from us for a week, or rather hasn’t been away from family in a week. She will be with Mama Lichey, who is as good as it gets. In fact Molly said, “Mom, if I couldn’t have you as a mom, Ms. Sharon would be OK”. So she’ll be fine.

She also got her press today from the floor to handstand without any help. I think she did another 25 of them tonight after she got home.

Go Molly Go!

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