Construction Update; Barn, Fence and Attic

The weather isn’t cooperating, not in the least.  I figure if I can golf in the rain, I can stretch fence in the rain, and that’s what we did at least part of the weekend.

Our barn is still stuck at a stand-still.  We’re still missing parts, trim and what-not.  It’s supposed to be here today (Monday).

On Saturday we did get the electric service in the house upgraded and switched out which is the first step to getting service to the barn.  The trenching to the barn should happen tonight.  If it’s not raining that is.

We did learn two things; one, stretching fence in the cold rain is miserable and two, you can stretch the hell out fence with the Excursion.

During brief periods we did some work in the attic putting up the infamous 1x8x8 tongue and groove boards.  The first 8 when up pretty good, but crooked.  So a trip to the depot to buy a laser level took care of that.  They came off about as easy as they went up which was a huge bonus.  It helps to have the right ‘Reverse’ tools as Charlie calls them.

In the end we got through the first roll of 200ft of fence with another roll ready to go, we’re going to need at least one more if not two. 

Did I mention stretching fence isn’t any fun? Because as much as you might think it is, it’s not.

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