Barn Update

Rounding 3rd and heading for home on the barn.

Carlie and Co, worked about 4 hours Friday and about 6 hours Saturday. Apparently we’re missing a few critical pieces of metal or they would have gotten a lot farther. They can’t put the sliding doors up or anything around the doors because they are missing some backing trim. We also don’t have our sky lights. All of the missing stuff should be here Tuesday and they *plan* to finish then or shortly thereafter.

We also plan to lay out the loft and stalls shortly and make a decision on building stalls or going with free standanding stalls, or something in between.

We finished up the perimiter fence for the first field but ran out of time and strength to get the dry lot fenced.

We knocked out over 50 posts between friday night and Saturday, and I was feeling it Sunday big time.

Pictures are below. The last photos show the barn from the field to with the back of the house in it to give you some perspective on where the barn sits.

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