Barn Update

This morning Halsey delivered *most* of the siding. Charlie and the boys showed up to start work.

I took off bright and early to get our electrical permit. We have a rather unusual situation. Well probalby not all that unusual. To get electric to our barn we don’t have any simple options.

We can:

  • A) Have Cinergy set a pole $$$ Ouch
  • B) Have Cynergy set a transformer to an existing Pole $$$ Ouch
  • C) Trench a boat load of very expensive cable back to an existing pole $$$ Ouch
  • D) Tap it off the house.

Option D is the best except we have no capacity off the house which is why we added service to the old barn.

So we now need to upgrade the service to the house, something we’ve been needing to do for a while now. This in itself involves other issues. We have to change the attachment point, update the panel, move the meter base, etc. But we get to bring 200amp service to the house, and pull 100 amp service to the barn off the house.

I picked up the permit for that this morning.


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