Barn Progress

Today Charlie and the boys got busy with the trim for the doors in preperation for the siding. Once they get the doors put together it’s all down hill from there.

Barn Gallery

We have a working man door now, and for the most part the sliders are framed in but they aren’t put together yet. We’re missing a few pieces of trim. They’ll be back tomorrow to work all day on what they can around the doors.

I left work after lunch around 1:30pm. On the way home I hit two tractor dealers and got a quick education on compact tractors. Then headed home to do more work on the fence.

I picked up the BobCat from Baker and got busy. I set 11 punched in 15 new holes, re drilled 3 others and set 11 posts before Claudine got home with dinner. I’m wiped out.

We plan to set the remaining 40+ posts tomorrow and be done with it. Woohoo!

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