Barn Update 4/20

Moving right along now.

Charlie and Co. arrived right on time at 7am. It was a bit foggy but none the less, they were there to get started. It’s amazing how crooked things can get, (wood that is) and how you can coorce it into going straight. A little lean on it here, a little come-along there. We’re within an 8th of an inch square across the entire pole barn. Watching Charlie make adjustments and square stuff up like this that makes me glad I didn’t do this myself the first time.

They finished up the top board and waited for the crane to arrive. It’s a good thing too because nobody wanted to set trusses by hand. We didn’t get any more rain last night so they were pretty sure the crane guy wouldn’t have a problem getting back to the barn and he didn’t.

The crane was right on time at 8am and it didn’t take long to git-r-dun.

Barn Gallery

All I know is with trusses on it, the barn just got a whole lot smaller.

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