Now this has got to stop!

Tiger apologizes for ‘spaz’ comments. Yeah, you read that right. Read the whole thing here.

This is ridiculous! So over in the UK, the term “spaz??? is considered a derogatory term for persons afflicted with spastic paralysis.

Guess what? That shouldn’t matter!

(A) Tiger isn’t from the UK

(B) Tiger wasn’t playing golf in the UK when he said it.

(C) He was referring to himself when he said it.

(D) Nobody important cares!

Stop it people, just stop it. I’m almost 40 years old. I called people a “spaz’ when I was 8 years old. I’ve “spazzed??? myself on more than one occasion, oh and I’ve played golf like a “SPAZ??? too. (note spaz with capitol letters, that should really get some paralyzed UK people all up in arms).

Webster (or defines spaz as: One who is considered clumsy or inept. The verb spazzing is to be clumsy or inept. That’s what Tiger meant.

Even growing up I knew that, or rather that it was short for spastic, “of, relating to, or characterized by spasms.

Grow some skin people. It’s not like he said I played like a “Serial Killer about to take my 9th victim???, even if he did, why would we care about offending serial killers?

All these people who were offended by Tiger using the word “spaz??? to describe his crappy golf stroke throughout the final holes, I have a few words for you that you might be familiar with:

Whiner, bellyacher, crab, curmudgeon, malcontent, sourpuss, grouser, and grump.

Put the word “Spastic??? in front of any one of those and you’d have a pretty good phrase that adequately describes what you are for even whining about this.

Tiger doesn’t need to apologize, he doesn’t need to explain either, hell I shouldn’t have too but apparently someone does.

95% of the world knows what he meant and he didn’t mean to offend anyone. If he did though, it wasn’t vulgar, nor offensive by mainstream standards. So suck it up.

It’s getting to the point where celebrities, sports figures, just about anyone can’t say anything at all without offending someone. Get over it, before you ruin everything, ya bunch of spazzed out sissies.


Oh, and if in the picture above is how he putted, then he was right, that’s a spaz stance. But he’s Tiger, and he’s the pro and he’s on the tour and if it works for him, then Go Get Em Tiger.

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