Things are shaping up nicely

We finally got the design of the barn agreed upon.

We finally got the pricing from the lumber yard, and we almost know where we’re going to put it.  Well, we know where, but just not the orientation.  I think we do, but it’s not something you can change later so we need to be sure.

We ended up getting Charlie to build the barn, it should be done in under 3 weeks.  That’s a bonus, we know what kind of work he does.  He built the barn across the street and everyone, including the farmer that farms our land only uses him.

That being said, there is still much to figure out and decide.  How are we doing the stalls?  We building them? or Buying free standing stalls that we can move around later?  Something in between?  What about the fence? We think we know what we’re doing here.  How we going to get electric and water to the barn?  Claudine thinks she can handle not having water out there, but I keep reminding her we don’t have a pickup anymore, and, well, horses drink a lot and dragging 5 gallon buckets around isn’t a lot of fun.

We need a pond, anyone have one we can borrow?  Anyone want to dig one for fun?  Have a bulldozer they don’t need to use for a while?

-Let us know.

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