Katie Dog Part III

Well it’s done.

We took her in this morning first thing.  We didn’t have to wait too long.  She was completely dehydrated and ready to go. We probably should have taken care of this last week but we thought it would be easier on the kids and it was with the extra week.  She didn’t seem to suffer too much.  But the last 24-36 hours you could tell she was having a hard time.
Cost to euthanize an 45lb dog these days is ~$125

While leaving we noticed that they charged $13.00 for owner observation, or something to that affect.  C asked why that was.  The lady checking us out replied plain as day, “That’s like an office visit, if we have to do it with you in the room that means we have to do it now, if you’re not here we can do it ‘when-ever’.”  It was worth $13 to see to it that her suffering was ended as early as possible.

In all reality the sedative they gave her to put her to sleep to be euthanized did her in.

We’ll miss her.

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