The Coaches Cup Report

Molly Competed today. Her second ever meet and her first “Big” meet.

She scored a 9.000 in her floor exercise and took 5th place overall (for her level and age group). We’re very, very proud over her.

Her bar warm up routines were rockin but during competition, the wheels came off. Shortly there after she moved to beam and took a nasty fall. During both events she kept her composure, jumped right back on the apparatus and didn’t miss a beat. You’d never know this was the second event of her life. Molly is a natural competitor and we are oh so proud. Not many kids would have handled the day she had today so well.

Scores aren’t everything but they are that by which we measure success and why we compete. Scores are all we have in that regard.
After working the Coaches Cup and watching today, the coaches at CGA are clearly second to none. They are very hands on. Every gymnast gets a hug after each event and feedback on how well they did, yet they are not overly coddling.

Molly was crushed after her bar routine and broke out into tears but not until after she had taken care of business and saluted the judges. Her coach was quick to point out that this is all for fun. Don’t worry about what happened or what will happen.

The scores mean nothing and in her world they shouldn’t mean a thing. They know what Molly is capable of and every Gymnast will have their day, good and bad.

Last meet Molly notched a 9 in vault and bars. Today she notched one in the floor exercise. It’s only a matter of time before she notches one on the beam and then puts it all together for a spectacular all-around score.

I know it, her coaches know it, and she knows it, that’s why she was crying. What happened today happens to everyone. She was just off her game.

We love you Molly, 9’s, 8’s, 7’s or 6’s.

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