Sex offender near the school, oh my.

OK, we saw a story about this on the evening news last night. Problem was we were watching a show we had recorded so the news was a day old.

Here’s the deal. There are laws that prohibit sex offenders and child molesters from living within certain distances from schools and I guess places where children might be. I’m fine with that. They have to register and all that stuff. I’m OK with that too.

But this poor guy, well he’s not a known ‘child molester’, he’s a convicted rapist, he did his time and he’s out. A crime either 15 or 20 years ago, I can’t remember. But let’s say for the sake of argument it was only 15 years ago.

He’s now been living where he’s been living for 4 years. Now we, or, uh, well not me, but the City of Cincinnati, or some local government near there went and built a new school in his back yard. A nice, big, brand new school. Now they are upset that he, a known “Sex Offender” lives too close to the school and they’ve gone to court to throw him out.

Now you’d think that in the course of picking a site they might do some research to figure out where these nasty people are and not build near them, or at least relocate them before hand.

I’m personally angered by by the way they are treating this individual. He’s paid his debt, and so far, according to the story, he’s played by the rules. Yet the city is so belligerent that they can take him out of his home of the last 5 years and force him to move without compensation. Or at least they are trying too. They feel ‘confident’ in their case.

This I think might be a good case for the ACLU though I usually think they are a bunch of nuts.

At the very least, the City needs to relocate this fella, including moving expenses, and some cash for his trouble and embarrassment. He didn’t ask for this, he was clearly minding his own business.

Here’s the article: Dilemma: Registered Sex Offender Near CPS School

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