Home improvement (2)

Yep we’re still working on this. Heck we’re still working on getting quotes or bids. It’s amazing how hard this is.

If you’re in construction here are a few tips for you:

If you set an appointment with someone you should keep it. Else, don’t set an appointment you can’t keep. If you need to cancel or reschedule, people understand. Stuff happens. Just be honest. Don’t lie about it. Because when you call back and give a ‘different’ reason the second time and we realize you’re lying, we’ll probably drag you out and waste your time for wasting our time.

Bidding on Home projects.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, or are not sure. Say so. Don’t fake it. If you can’t quote it because you don’t have the information then just say so. When you do provide the quote, remember the people asking for the quote aren’t in construction. We may not know what a ‘square’ is. So telling us something $xx dollars per square, does us no good.

You can say Your roof is x number of squares and I charge $xx per square so the my quote is $YY. But if you didn’t measure the roof so you can’t calculate YY then you aren’t really giving me a bid then are you? Simply saying your bid is $ per square doesn’t help us.

A bid for remodeling or finishing an attic should not read: $xx labor plus materials. That my friends is not a bid.

So far we’ve had a couple reasonable folks out. Some obviously don’t know what to do with old houses. Some seem to think they can handle it. Bids are all over the place. A few more to go

More info later.

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