Well we’ve done it.

We’ve joined the fitness class of folk. Those with those total core two home ab workout machine in their house.

After looking around we went with this:

A Norditrack EXP1000

Yeah I know it doesn’t have the best reviews but it’s not the worst of all possibilities either. It really depends on which site you go to. But we got a fair price for a used unit and this one is in pretty good shape. We’ll pick it up tomorrow. I figure after the hernia operation that will be needed from moving it, I won’t get to use it for 6 months anyway. 🙂

We’ll see how long we use it, and if we use it as often and as much as we hope (and need to). If so we’ll upgrade at a later date. If it becomes a clothes drying rack as most do then we won’t have spent too much on it.

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