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Today we start the quest. The quest for getting bids. We have a fair amount of home improvement that needs to be done to our home.

Well that’s not exactly true. We’ve talked to my cousin’s husband, he does work on the side, but he can only do the work on weekends and lives about 2 and a half hours away. It’s not exactly convenient for him.

We have an older farm home originally built in the 1850’s. It’s been well taken care of and for the most part has been updated. We’ve lived here almost 7 years now. But it’s time to take care of some things. The list is rather long.

1) We need a roof (bad) it is leaking.
2) We need to finish the half finished attic to turn it into a bedroom for one of the kids.
3) We need new windows through out 26 of them (ouch).
4) New front and rear doors.
5) The electric service needs updating. Just the service mind you not all the wiring. I can run circuits as needed.
6) We’d eventually like hardwood floors and will probably do this one ourselves.

There are other maintenance things that need done to the barn too. It also needs some new doors but those can wait.

It’s not that I’m not handy, I just _hate_ doing this stuff.

Let the estimates begin.

First up, is a local guy. He should be here in oh, 15 minutes (if he shows). We’ve already blown off one window and door company because the demanded that both of us (my wife and I) be home for the estimate and that we’re in a position to make a decision that night. What the hell?

We’d like an estimate thank you.

We have a general contractor scheduled for Friday afternoon as well, and another roofer/window company for next week.

My wallet hurts just thinking about this.

More later.

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