Maria’s first tooth!

Maria lost her first tooth tonight! Can you tell she’s proud?

We talked about it all the way home from picking Molly up from gymnastics and after dinner at Wendy’s.

When we got home I told her to get ready for bed and that if she wanted me to yank it to bring me a paper towel, if she didn’t go ahead and get in bed.

Low and behold she showed up beside me with a paper towel. I tore off a piece and said, here you try first, put this over your tooth and pull, it should come right out.

She did, and it did. Her eye’s were as big as saucers. 🙂

It bled, but she didn’t get upset. She couldn’t wait to write Maggie a note, and put it in the bag for the Tooth fairy.

She’s a tough cookie… Molly almost passed out the first time.

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