Steelers Thump em’

Wow, flash back.

What a disappointing game. So far this year the Bengals are 0-2 in games that really matter. Fair weather fan? Nope. I want so badly for this team to win. But 12 years bitten I’m just a little bit skeptical.

Jacksonville took them to task and made the D look flat out bad against the run. Today, Pittsburgh manhandled them.

Oh, we had our chances in the first quarter, and I think Chad’s catch was a TD. His elbow was in, but that’s how the ball bounces.

Still the Bengals got owned by what appears to be the best team in the AFC North. The team that brings a swagger into the game and makes you play their style of football. That’s what the Bengals don’t have (yet). All the attention they’ve garnered in the last 6 weeks they pretty much blown.

Yes Palmer and Chad have game, but they can’t do it alone. Our secondary is opportunistic and that’s outstanding, but they got burned today big time by Hines Ward, even AFTER he was hurt. That was sad.

I understand our run defense is young and we’ll certainly end up with a wild card birth this year. But next year will be the year. The next two games for the Bengals are critical. They will play a very hungry Green Bay and then Indy. A loss to either or both could take play off hopes away and we could again be looking at an 8-8 season.

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