The NHL is back! So What?!?

The NHL is back! So What?!?

Man, I never thought I’d say this. But I’m not sure I really care.

I like most of the world has waited far too long for Hockey to return. The season started last night. How much hockey could I watch on TV? Only a Blue Jackets game on the local Fox affiliate.

1) That doesn’t cut it and 2) It was Blue Jackets vs. the Capitols, but nevertheless, it was Hockey.

With the new rules, you’d think that the rinks would have eliminated the red line? Or made it smaller?

The rink seemed smaller or the guys seemed bigger, the hockey for opening night was sloppy and the guys seemed to be out of shape and sucking wind early in the 2nd period. I turned if off at the end of the 2nd period. By the looks of the score sheet that was a good move.

Looking at the scores from last night, it does look like scoring is up overall. That was their goal and I think that’s good.

But last night, my choice was one game and one game only. I was not happy, and it’s not going to get me back into hockey easily.

It’s not because the players locked out. Yeah that’s the root cause. But man, if you want fans, you have to deliver the product which means mainstream TV, ESPN and other real networks folks.

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