Well, “Who Dey”

It’s happened, they are 4-0, the best start since 1988, and that year they went to the Super Bowl.

Stanley Wilson got stoned the night before in the hotel room and they couldn’t find him. I think he’s still bagging groceries. Do you remember that? I Do.

4 and 0

In the NFL any team can beat any team on any given Sunday, that’s why the play the games. But these are the Bengals.

I love what Marvin is doing. I understand Rudi Johnson showed up (technically not late) but at the very last minute for practice one day this week. He didn’t bother to park his truck, just pulled it up outside the practice facility. Marvin had it towed. 🙂

But these were the Texans, and they should have been manhandled. The Bengals could have lost this one. It was a game the entire NFL gave to the Bengals and it was too close for that.

Next week is Jacksonville, 2-2 and they will be HUNGRY, and they are far more talented than the Texans.

Bengals, Show me something…

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