Serenity [The Movie]

Tonight I was lucky enough to attend a pre-screening of the movie ‘Serenity’. I had never watched the series, so I was pretty much going in blind and with no expectations. I like Sci-fi so it wasn’t hard to get me to go.

I got tickets (or a ticket) from a co-worker who said he got tickets because of his blog, it’s popular so he was invited. I smelled an Internet scam, but decided to go with him anyway.

We showed up early as we were supposed to to get in line because these were first come, first served tickets, nothing was reserved. Again, I smelled a rat. But I was wrong. We showed up, the pointed us to the line, it was about 6:00pm. We made good time getting to Newport on the Levee. There were others in line, a few that had been waiting since 4pm. Holly molly, no movie is worth that wait if you ask me.

We bailed out of line and grabbed some grub only to find our spot in line a little farther back. Instead of being 8th, we were now 16 or something like that (oh my). No big deal.

But what a freak fest. I don’t know where these people came from. I was afraid a game of DnD might break out there right on the spot. Not that I’m against DnD and other roll playing games, but these folks were special. True movie lovers. All debating how Lucas screwed up Star Wars, and crushed what they believed Star Wars was. How Lord of the Rings was Oh so true to the book except for this and for that and how it should have had this or that and I was with it until this point.

Ladies, your eye shadow should never be the same color and twice as bright as your eyes, if you have green eyes, bright green eye shadow is not for you. And that dead white skin look, what is that? I’m not talking complete Goth stuff here. I know those folks are confused. But half goth, like they weren’t sure. Ladies, walk down a magazine aisle, you won’t see that look on Cosmo, or any of the glamor magazines. Ya know why? Cause it doesn’t look good. You look dead. But maybe you’re trying to look dead and I don’t get it.

There was another interesting character across from us. Willy Wonka, really. I think he must have thought this was the opening and wanted to be in costume.

I’ve been to one other premier in my lifetime and I don’t remember the nuts and freaks coming out like this. This was a Tuesday night after all, 7pm on Tuesday night. Not like a midnight showing on Saturday.

On to the movie.

Excellent!, non stop action. Excellent effects, reasonable story line, and from the audience’s take I suspect true to the series.

It was free for me but even if I’d have paid $9.00 I wouldn’t have been disappointed.

I don’t want to spoil anything so I won’t say much more. Acting was good, jokes a plenty, etc, etc.

Plenty of non-stop action, no language or sex. But I wouldn’t take a kid under say 12 or 13. This isn’t Star Wars. There is no Jar Jar. The bad guys are bad and the action is intense.

The best movie I’ve seen this year hands down.

Lastly, I didn’t appreciate the chatty sci-fi freaks behind us who had memorized the trailers and recited all the scenes and one-liners in the trailers. Those of us there in the movie don’t want to hear about how these people compare to the series, or if this or that is better than that or this. We’re there to watch, so get a make over, then a life, then go to a matinee with the other children please.


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