Maria is happy.

When I got back from the trip I was unpacking my bike, and was finishing off a left over Gatorade from the ride. Maria picked it up and asked if she could drink the rest. I said no.

Maria is 5

The following conversation happened:
Maria: Why not? Does it have sugar?
Dad: Yes, and I’d still like to finish my drink.
Maria: You shouldn’t drink that, sugar is bad for your body.
at which point she picks it up and heads towards the trash cans
Dad: Maria, bring that back, let’s go in.
Maria: OK, I’m very happy about something.
Dad: What’s that? Are you happy I’m home?
Maria: No. women, live longer than men.
Dad: OK, that’s good to know, why does that make you happy?
Maria: Cause you’re gonna die first.

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