2006 FJR Steering Head Service (Check and Tightening)

OK, so I’ve had my 06 FJR for almost a month. About 2400 miles or so into ownership I noticed a little thunk up front every time I hit something hard.

I checked the front end as part of the 600 mile service, but while in Vermont, when I checked I felt a little play in the steering head.

Not to worry, it just needed a little TLC and tightening.

To do this on an 06A really couldn’t be easier. Put the bike on the center stand and support the front end. (Get it off the ground). I do need/want to build one of those front end stands that straddle the bike and support it with straps but I haven’t had time to do that yet. For today I just stuck my floor jack under it with a board on the headers and gave it a couple easy pumps.

The tools for this are really simple.

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