Connersville, Indiana to Metamora and back by Train.

Today the entire family took a trip out to Connersville, Indiana to ride the Whitewater Valley Railroad, from Connersville to Metamora, Indiana. Metamora is a frequent destination of mine when I’m out on the bike. There are great roads out there and I stop in for some of the best Italian sausage ever at the Trader’s place and today wasn’t any different.

The train leaves from Connersville promptly at noon. It takes about an hour and a half to get to Metamora, where they leave you there for two hours. This is just about the perfect amount of time if it’s not too busy.

Enough time to find a bathroom, get something to eat, walk across Metamora for ice cream, shop a little, buy some Amish cheese, check out the mill, and shop some more. Not too much though because, well, you don’t want to carry anything or bring it back on the train. At least that was my excuse.

It was a perfect day. It may have hit 85 degrees but there wasn’t any humidity. I feel for anyone who rides that train on a 95+ degree day with humidity.

The railroad station and trains are pretty cool. Maybe when I become an old fart I’ll volunteer my time there and learn more about the railroad.

From Connersville …

I would highly recommend this as a great way to blow a Saturday afternoon with the family. Especially if you can hit good weather. Bring a book to read because between both trips you’ll be on the train for 3 hours. There’s a lot to watch and look at out the window but not 3 hours worth. It’s not cheap. $20 for adults, $10 for kids, plus meals at Metamora and what ever else you spend there. You can bring food with you though, the train permits that.