Wow, Cast Handstand part II

Saturday I took Molly to gymnastics to watch her do it…

During bar warm-ups when they cast about 400 times I didn’t see her get more than 3/4’s of the way. But then again that’s like doing a 100 pushups, I’m not a coach, so what do I know.

I didn’t see anyone else in her rotation do it either. Then Ms. Cindy lined them up and they all jumped on a high bar one at a time to give it their best shot. At first I wasn’t sure what they were doing because the first couple girls only casted to horizontal. But they looked great, nice and tight form, etc, etc.

But Mrs. Cindy didn’t seem happy, I figured they were supposed to be casting to a handstand.

Then Molly climbed to the high bar, after watching her during warm ups, I thought, no way, she has to be tired, then *wham* from nothing to handstand just like that.

Then as she started to fall over the back side, instead of just letting go of the bar and falling into the pit, she pirouetted around and grabbed the bar and swung down. I thought Ms. Cindy’s eyes were gonna pop out of her head 🙂

I was so proud, it was sweet.