Run for the hills…

This morning I had to run down to La Grange, KY to meet a fellow FJR rider. He recently put in a bulk order for oil filters, crush washers and spark plugs. I needed to meet with him and pickup the stuff that I ordered.

$11 for a Yamaha oil filter is obscene, $6 from University motors is much closer to reality.

I left at 0-dark thirty and hit the slab. Riding through a sunrise is still one of those simply awesome things you have to experience to understand.

After the I-75/I71 split I got off the highway and hit some of the more fun roads on the way down.

We met for breakfast at the Cracker Barrel, then proceeded to wear out some of Southwestern/western Kentucky’s better roads.

380 miles later and I’m home, with parts in hand.

Twas a good day.