My FJR thinks it’s a Harley…

Ugh… My final drive has been weeping, and it appears to be getting worse.

After the ride today, it only took 15 minutes to create this:

This after just 380 or so miles. That rear wheel was just cleaned, so clean you could eat off of it.

I’m sure this would fall under warranty, but I don’t have a clue as to who I’d trust with the bike for what will amount to a $12 seal?


By the looks of things externally, based upon where the leak appears to be… I need one or more of the following seals (in the red Circles)


Of course none of the local dealers have these parts so I’m giving University Motors in Fargo North Dakota a shot at them. If I have to wait, might as well get decent pricing on the parts. How bad could this repair be? We shall soon find out.


I’ve recently learned that…  I’m probably over filling this thing.   Now at my first ever fluid change I was careful to put in just the required amount.  It seems to me that that volume of fluid filled it to the bottom of the threads for the fill plug.  But allegedly that’s not right.  If you have that much in it, it’s too full and has no where to go but to get pushed past the seals.

So, I’m going to do my 20k maintenance soon.  Install 2 new tires, plugs, and change all the fluids.  When I do that I’ll clean everything up and make sure I have just the 8 ounces or what’s required and see if it still leaks.

Prior to the void rally, I topped it off (to the bottom of the threads).  It leaked/weeped like a SOB the entire time but when I checked it.  It’s still full, so I must be over filling it.  Or at least that’s the current logic.

Are the current seals ruined?  Not sure.  I still have them on order and will replace them if necessary.